Grown Your Own Cress in the Shape of Your Name

Grow Some Cress… in the Shape of Your Name

This is an excellent experiment for learning how things grow and its edible!

You will need:

  • A plate
  • A few sheets of kitchen paper
  • Some cress or alfalfa seeds
  • Water
  • A few days…

1. Place some sheets of kitchen paper on a plate

OKIDO Cress Activity - Kitchen Towel

2. Pour some seeds into your hand

Cress Seeds in Hand

3. Sprinkle the seeds on the paper

Sprinkle Cress on to Kitchen Towel

4. Arrange the seeds into the letters of your name

Arrange Cress Seeds into Shape of Name

5. Carefully pour some water onto the edges of the paper, so as not to disturb the arranged seeds.

Pour Water onto the edges of paper

6. Keep the paper moist – don’t let it dry out – and your name will start sprouting!

Keep the paper moist

7. After a few days you will be able to eat your name in a sandwich!

Finished OKIDO Cress Activity


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