Recycled Crafts: Sustainable Activities to Raise Eco-Conscious Kids

When it comes to young children, it’s important to teach them about the environment and being kind to our planet. And what better way to do this than through play? Raising an eco-conscious child isn’t always easy – but make no mistake: to recycle what you’re already recycling and get creative with it is a […]

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Green Parenting - Plastic Free Toys

Green Parenting: Plastic Free, Eco Friendly Kids’ Toys

Looking to cut down on plastic? Hard when small scientists want toys to play with. Fortunately, sparking a life-long love of art and science doesn’t require you to compromise your carbon footprint; in fact, there are lots of toys out there that limit environmental impact. OKIDO aims to inspire and encourage, allowing young children to […]

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Messy Monster Cooking

Childrens’ Cooking Recipes, That Kids Can Make!

Are you ready to whip up some wonder, boil up some brilliance and simmer some science? Your kitchen may not look like a traditional science lab, but recent studies by some serious scientists have shown that cooking has real developmental and cognitive benefits for children. Here are three great reasons to try our recipes for […]

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5 Easy Science Activities To Do With Kids At Home

Think you need a lab to get your young scientist’s brain bubbling away? Think again. Everything you need in order to go on a science learning adventure can be found scattered around the house and stuffed into drawers. We believe that every child is a scientist and every home can be turned into a laboratory, […]

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Children playing the which way game

Coding for Kids: How To Get Young Children Interested in Coding

In a digital age, we can’t underestimate the real-world value of coding. As the children of today grow up in a world that relies heavily on technology, one of the best ways to prepare them for tomorrow is by helping them learn to code. Nowadays coding is regarded as an essential skill in early STEAM […]

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Grown Your Own Cress in the Shape of Your Name

Grow Some Cress… in the Shape of Your Name This is an excellent experiment for learning how things grow and its edible! You will need: A plate A few sheets of kitchen paper Some cress or alfalfa seeds Water A few days… 1. Place some sheets of kitchen paper on a plate 2. Pour some […]

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Eco Friendly plastic free; The OKIDO Magazine is Full of Environmental Activities

OKIDO magazine has been teaching and encouraging our children to restore, care and respect our earth since 2007. Created by parents for parents, OKIDO magazine was initially designed as an antithesis against the sea of plastic-covered magazines and comics that were available for our children at the time. And nearly 15 years later those plastic covered publications are still […]

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Messy Monster washing his hands

Turn Children into Scientists with Indoor Activities

As concern about COVID-19 spreads, some of you will be staying in at home with your small scientists and looking for safe ways to keep their brilliant brains ticking over. We believe that every home can be turned into a scientific research centre, artist’s studio, space station and more. So while we wait for today’s […]

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