OKIDO Pendulum Paint yellow swing

Everything You Need to Know About STEAM Education

Did you know that Nobel Prize winning scientists also happen to be 17 times more likely to be painters than the average Joe? They are four times more likely to play an instrument too, and 12 times more likely to write poetry. After all, Leonardo da Vinci skipped between art, science and engineering. Galileo penned […]

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Children playing and reading OKIDO magazine

The Importance of Reading with Children

At at time where screen-time is at record levels, reading with children is sometimes being forced into the backseat (1). In this article we identify 7 reasons why reading with children is so important. Plus, we have put together a collection of our favourite OKIDO stories from squirrel boy for you to enjoy! 1. EMOTIONAL EMPATHY When transported […]

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Craft Learn Through Play: Make a Paper Creepy Crawly

Paper Play: Make a Paper Creepy Crawly You will need: Card Straw String Pens Tape Scissors 1.Draw some big creepy-crawlies on your card and cut them out. 2.Cut two short pieces of straw and stick them onto you bugs back. 3.Thread about a metre of string through the two straws. Knot the ends. 4. Tape […]

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ojo OKIDO steam blog

STEAMer of the Month: OjO

In the first of our blog series celebrating our STEAM education pioneers (that’s  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) we chat to OjO who have big plans for 2019… Tell us a little bit about what you do? OjO is a pioneering London-based toy brand, striving to bring STEAM skills to the early years through […]

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The Importance of STEM Learning Through Play

Children are motivated to play, but when they do, they’re not just entertaining themselves; it’s one of the main ways that they learn. In fact, play is considered so important that the UN identified ‘the right to play’ as one of the cornerstones of its ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child.’ Play can aid […]

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Messy Monster Cooking

Childrens’ Cooking Recipes, That Kids Can Make!

Are you ready to whip up some wonder, boil up some brilliance and simmer some science? Your kitchen may not look like a traditional science lab, but recent studies by some serious scientists have shown that cooking has real developmental and cognitive benefits for children. Here are three great reasons to try our recipes for […]

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Children playing the which way game

Coding for Kids: How To Get Young Children Interested in Coding

In a digital age, we can’t underestimate the real-world value of coding. As the children of today grow up in a world that relies heavily on technology, one of the best ways to prepare them for tomorrow is by helping them learn to code. Nowadays coding is regarded as an essential skill in early STEAM […]

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Grown Your Own Cress in the Shape of Your Name

Grow Some Cress… in the Shape of Your Name This is an excellent experiment for learning how things grow and its edible! You will need: A plate A few sheets of kitchen paper Some cress or alfalfa seeds Water A few days… 1. Place some sheets of kitchen paper on a plate 2. Pour some […]

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