Join OKIDO for British Science Week

OKIDO x British Science Association

British Science Week (BSW) is a 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

OKIDO is delighted to be working with the British Science Association for British Science Week 2019. This year British Science Week is all about JOURNEYS and OKIDO has produced masses of fun products, activities and events for young children, with which they can learn, explore, develop and engage.



Primary school children are encouraged to take part in British Science Week’s CREST STAR Award scheme. STAR Awards are a great introduction to problem-solving in STEM. They offer children the opportunity to learn through hands-on challenges that focus on their everyday lives.

OKIDO has worked with BSA to ensure that every activity within the magazine or at an OKIDO live event fits their criteria for scientific discovery.

One STAR activity inside OKIDO magazine, attending an OKIDO Art and Science session or after-school club session all count as one STAR challenge. The children must complete eight STAR challenges in order to complete the level and gain the award. Each one takes around an hour and involves solving a real-world problem.

The children gain an appreciation of investigative work, develop key skills and have a whole lot of fun.

After completing all eight challenges, each child receives a CREST Star certificate and iron-on badge.

British Science Week Early Stages Pack

You can download the CREST Star Passport from the Resources tab once you are signed in to your account.

The fee is £1 per child.

““We are really excited to be partnering with OKIDO magazine for CREST Star Awards. We want to encourage creativity and independence, giving all children opportunities to behave like scientists without leaning to stereotypes. OKIDO magazine is helping to engage more young children and families in science through art, play and storytelling.”

– Jane Dowden, Education Innovations Manager, British Science Association.


OKIDO Magazine

The March 2019 issue of OKIDO magazine is all about JOURNEYS. Look inside to discover characters, recipes, poems, stories, doodles, games, activities and more.


OKIDO downloadable activities

In partnership with the British Science Association, OKIDO has created some wonderful early years resources for young scientists to enjoy in the classroom or at home during BSW. Whether you’re a parent looking for fun and easy science activities to try at home – from scientific experiments to nature trails to making a time capsule – or a teacher trying to organise your lesson plans for the year ahead, the resources are educational, fun and can be adapted to your needs.


OKIDO British Science Week Time Capsule Activity DownloadTime Capsule

Make a memory capsule to open in years’ time and see how much you’ve changed!



OKIDO British Science Week Let's Make a Car ActivityMoving Vehicle

Make a vehicle with moving axel and wheels using junk!



OKIDO British Science Week Sand Timer - Download ActivitySand Timer

Make your own made-from-junk sand time and chart how long things take!



OKIDO British Science Week Balloon Rocket Activity DownloadBalloon Rocket

Make a whooshing balloon rocket at home and discover how things are propelled by air pressure.



OKIDO British Science Week Bug Hotel Activity DownloadBug Hotel

Make your very own bug hotel and see who comes to stay!



OKIDO British Science Week Cut Out Crawly ActivityClimbing Creepers

Design and make a cardboard creepy crawly and see it climb up the wall!



OKIDO British Science Week Egg Box Mask Activity DownloadEgg Box Animal Masks

Think about different animals and make a mask to wear!



OKIDO British Science Week MarshMallow Downloadable ActivityMarshmallow Catapult

Make a catapult using sticks and marshmallows and record how far it can fire.



OKIDO British Science Week SkittleScope Downloadable ActivitySkittlescope

Make a colour scope using Skittles sweets and see the colours change!



British Science Week Hanging Cup Downloadable ActivityPendulum Painting

Make a pendulum painting device and create some scientific masterpieces!



OKIDO British Science Week Seed Activity DownloadGrow Seeds

Make a mini-greenhouse seed-bag and watch them grow every day!



OKIDO Public Events

OKIDO is hosting lots of fun events for British Science Week 2019.

Visit out Get Into Science page to find out more about our next event on 10th March.

Come and learn-through-play at this great three hour event in Herne Hill, SE24.


OKIDO x OjO Which Way Game

To celebrate British Science Week this year, OKIDO is launching a brand-new coding board game around the theme of journeys.

Introducing The Which Way game – The board game that teaches the top 4 coding skills for 4-8 year olds.

The Which Way game is a new and exciting strategy game for 4-8-year olds. Children will love learning key coding skills with the whole family, friends and class mates! Who can help Messy (from CBeebies TV show, Messy Goes to OKIDO) to visit all his friends across the map first?


OKIDO School Events

We are visiting lots of schools throughout British Science Week where we will be taking a selection of our creative science workshops for children from nursery through to year 2. Please get in touch if you know a school that may be interested in hearing more about this.


BSA website

Visit the British Science Week website to to download the early years resource pack including activities by OKIDO.