My Animal Book


Hard back

Facts and fun
Questions and answers
Things to make and do
Join Koko and the explorers as they travel the world to meet all kinds of animals, from a tiny mouse to a huge splashing whale.

• Find out how animals survive in the wild, how they eat, hunt and have babies
• Cook animal pancakes
• Play the animal detective game
• Roll up! It’s the mini-beast circus
• Make a heads-and-tails flip book
• Find your way in the ants’-nest maze

“Filled with loads of investigative activities that involve matching, cutting, assembling, detecting, exploring and more that will involve the reader in this educational operation. Puzzles include identifying the colorful denizens of the rainforest or in the marine habitat. There is even a recipe for making animal pancakes, with adult assistance, of course.” – Aron Row.

Thames and Hudson.