My big world


Hard back

Facts and fun
Questions and answers
Things to make and do My Big World is a hands-on, action-packed book to share with young children.

Join Koko and the explorers on a journey from home to outer space. Along the way, find out about your big world, including its oceans and rivers, mountains and forests, plants, animals and the weather.

  • Make a ginger moon biscuit
  • Go mountaineering with your fingers
  • Sing with the animal choir
  • Grow your own seedlings
  • Make a mini garden
  • Play the flower power game

“This is a beautiful first introduction to science and geography… Children have all sorts of fun activities to do – little mini games, songs, things to make (a bird feeder, a mini garden, a rocket panel, etc) and the whole book is attractively designed and full of bright pictures and photographs. This would be a great buy for the small, inquisitive person in your family, and sure to engage them.” – S Riaz.

Thames and Hudson.