My Head to Toe Body Book


Original, imaginative and lots of fun, My Head-to-Toe Body Book is a look at the body inside and out for young children.
This book is all about asking questions and getting answers

  • How many teeth do you have?
  • What happens to the food you eat?
  • How do you wee?

A little girl called Koko asks questions to make children think about the body, while three intrepid explorers go on adventures inside the body to find out what makes the body work.
Children investigate each topic by playing and learning.

“I subscribe my children to the OKIDO magazine and was hoping that this book would be as beautiful and imaginative as the magazine and it is. Full of great ideas, things to do, a fair whack of information and science geared for young children and real and beautiful illustrations by talented artists. Just lovely.” – Amazon customer. 

Thames and Hudson