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Make A Pendulum Painting

This activity can get very messy, so make sure you have an old table cloth or some newspaper on the floor. If the weather is nice, do it outside – you’ll have more space to swing your pendulum, too!

What you will need:

  • Two chairs
  • Broomstick
  • String
  • Paper Cups
  • Old table cloth or newspaper
  • A2 paper
  • Poster Paint

1. Rest your broomstick across the two chairs and put your A2 paper underneath.

OKIDO Activities Paint Pendulum Set Up

2. Poke a hole in the bottom of your cup, using your pencil. Make sure it’s nice and sharp.

3. Poke two more holes on either side of the top of the cup.

OKIDO Pendulum Paint Activity Side Holes

4. Tie each end of a piece of string to the two holes in the cup.


5. Hang the cup from the broomstick. It should be about 5cm above the paper.

6. Tape over the hole in the bottom of the cup.

7. Pour paint into the cup. Mix it with some water first to make it extra runny.

8. Take off the tape and push your pendulum in a circular motion.



9. Watch your pendulum paint!

OKIDO Pendulum Paint yellow swing


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