Since 2007, OKIDO have been hosting events for children and families.

We now hold over 50 events a year throughout the UK including workshops, science parties and festivals.



This year we are creating an OKIDO WORLD OF COLOUR TENT where we will be exploring the art and science of colour in our own crazy way.
Come along and make some wonderful colourful things including; a Latitude memory scrapbook, colourful bird masks, a windsock, 3-D glasses and more, plus come and participate in a crazy day of painting – marbling, spinning, drop and blow painting! Wow! Don’t forget to come and visit Messy Monster when he comes to play each day and finally chill with the OKIDO monsters while watching some episodes of Messy goes to OKIDO.

Phew – it’s going to be a LOT of fun…
See you there : )