“Homeschool BIG Bundle” Special


During this difficult time with some schools already closed down, we understand how tough and challenging it can be for those of you who may be homeschooling. So we want to offer you a BIG bundle of not 3, but 5 x OKIDO magazines at a specially discounted price.

The bundle will contain 5 magazines chosen from one of the following list that covers a wide range of topics relevant for homeschooling:

  • #13 Body Noises
  • #23 Taste
  • #27 Hair
  • #28 Plants
  • #29 Machines
  • #55 Breathing Together
  • #64 Cycling
  • #67 Journeys
  • #77 Bones and Teeth
  • #78 Electricity

This might just be the perfect solution to keep your children busy for days to come.

Have fun and learn with OKIDO!