What’s OKIDO all about?

OKIDO is a fully illustrated, arts and science monthly magazine, designed to engage young children in scientific discovery about the world around them, through creative learning and play.

It’s 48 colourful pages are packed full of stories, puzzles, games, activities, crafts, poems, songs and experiments, plus an eight-page colouring and activity booklet and an amazing centre-fold activity to pop out and play with!

But OKIDO is way more than just a magazine. Working closely with schools, we run after schools clubs, organise workshops, design teacher resource packs and offer a big discount on magazine subscriptions to schools and educators.

We also hold over 50 events a year across the UK, including workshops, science parties and festivals. So keep an eye on our events page and stay in the know about what’s coming up!

Where did it all start?

Messy grew up on the pages of OKIDO Magazine. An independent publication started by parents from a kitchen table in Brixton in 2007, it was designed to fire up young imaginations and spark a life-long love of art and science. Today its founders, scientist Dr Sophie Dauvois (PhD BSc PG Dip.) and artist Rachel Ortas, are still every bit as passionate about engaging young kids in the scientific world around them using play, art and fun.

Who is OKIDO for?

At the heart of OKIDO is our belief that every child is a scientist. That means OKIDO’s fun and games are for all genders. The OKIDO world is a stereotype-free zone, because we believe in promoting equality for all children.

What age group is OKIDO for?

OKIDO magazine is specifically designed with three to six year olds in mind. But the fun doesn’t stop there.  Younger children love the stories and activities with a little help from grown-ups, and older kids get a huge amount out of working through its pages independently. Parents, grandparents and carers have been known to borrow copies too…

What’s inside OKIDO Magazine?

Every single issue includes these regular comic-strip stories, with their familiar and well-loved characters:

  • Messy Monster: In which Messy Monster deals with an emotional situation and encourages discussion, empathy and understanding
  • Zim Zam Zoom: In which Zim Zam and Zoom answer a scientific question and stimulate scientific interest in young children
  • Squirrel Boy: When Albert puts on his homemade suit he becomes Squirrel Boy. Follow the adventures of Squirrel Boy who loves nature and acrobatics!
  • Find Foxy: Foxy is hiding in a busy, funny and beautifully illustrated scene. Find him and some of his friends!

Each individual issue also contains comic strip stories from guest illustrators, an illustrated song or poem, a recipe, stories, activities, experiments, games, jokes, doodles, an OKIDO fan page and more. All of it designed by education and science experts to engage and inspire young children through stories and play.

Is OKIDO eco-friendly?

We strive to be eco-friendly, because we believe in looking after our planet so it can be explored, investigated and loved by generations to come. OKIDO magazine is printed on 100% de-inked, recycled paper and we mail it to you in recyclable envelopes.

Is OKIDO Magazine related to the CBeebies TV show Messy goes to OKIDO?

Yes! Messy Monster grew up on the pages of OKIDO magazine and the original Messy Monster comic strip stories can be found within each issue. Want to see a preview? Then head to our watch page and find out why the show’s loved by families around the world.

What is Messy Goes to OKIDO?

Messy goes to OKIDO is a TV comedy adventure series for young children and their families.

Messy – an inquisitive and lovable monster – brings science to life as he adventures through the colourful world of OKIDO with his best friends Zoe and Felix. The brave trio go on journeys of discovery and – with help from the wise Zim, Zam and Zoom – unearth the answers to their big questions.

Want to see a preview? Then head to our watch page and see why the show’s loved by families around the world.

I want to take out a subscription to OKIDO. How does it work?

It’s easy. Subscribe from anywhere in the world, and you’ll receive a copy of OKIDO every month for either six or 12 months (depending on what you’ve chosen). Once you take out a subscription, payment will not be taken until the 22nd of that month but your first magazine will be sent out within 72 hours of your initial order. Subsequent magazines are sent on the 1st of each month.

Head to our subscriptions page to find our more.

Can I take out a subscription to send anywhere in the world?

Of course! We can deliver within the UK, around Europe, or across the rest of the world including Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Just head to our subscription page and select the region you want your magazine to be sent to.

Can I order a subscription to OKIDO as a gift?

Yes! At the checkout, you even can write a special note (keep an eye open for the ‘order notes’ section). We’ll then include this special message with the first issue they receive. Just remember to say who it’s from!

Can I send a special message with the first OKIDO?

Sure thing. At checkout, there’s an ‘order notes’ section where you can write whatever you want. We’ll then include this special message with the first issue they receive. Just remember to say who it’s from!

How do I pay for my subscription?

You can use your debit/credit card or your Paypal account.

I don’t want to pay by credit/debit card, how else can I pay?

You can also purchase a subscription using your Paypal account.

What if I want to renew a current subscription?

All subscriptions are set to automatically renew. If you don’t want your subscription to renew then just let us know before the end of your current subscription by emailing help@okido.com.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

Yes, any time. Just email help@okido.com and we’ll sort this for you.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

We’re happy to issue a full refund if you let us know within 28 days of receiving your first magazine. That said, each monthly magazine covers a completely different topic, so it’s a good idea to try three magazines before coming to a decision. If you still want to cancel then we’ll happily issue a refund for the remaining issues.

If you are purchasing a subscription with a free gift promotion, should you choose to cancel your subscription mid-term you will not receive a refund for remaining issues.

Do you have a list of the retailers that sell OKIDO issues?

Of course! Head over to our stockists page to explore them.

What if items or magazines I ordered are damaged when I receive them?

Oh no! If you have received damaged goods we can send replacements straight out to you. Please email help@okido.com to discuss the issue and we’ll help you.

What if I would like to return or exchange my order?

It’s only human to change your mind now and again. So if you want to return an order you’ve received, and either get a refund or exchange it, that’s fine! We just need the items to be in their original condition and returned within 14 days of receipt.

To arrange a return or exchange please email help@okido.com with your full name and order number, as well as the details of what you are returning/exchanging. Unfortunately, returns sent to us without a note can’t be processed.

How long until I receive my refund?

We process refunds weekly.

What if my issue of OKIDO doesn’t arrive?

If your issue of OKIDO gets lost then don’t panic! Just email help@okido.com and we’ll get a replacement out to you ASAP.

What if I need to change any of my subscription details – my email address, for example, or shipping name?

No problem! Just head to my account, login and make any changes you need. Select update for current subscriptions and the changes will be saved.

I have another QUESTION for OKIDO!

Great, just call us and we’ll do our best to help: 020 3911 2641.