Messy Monster and friends travel to space in a rocket ship to transport a lost rock back to the moon. Join Messy on his fun space adventure and learn about gravity and the moon.

Story from the Okido book: Sandwiches in Space

> Messy Monster
> Zoë and Felix
> Zim, Zam, and Zoom

Storyteller: Becky

Published by Thames & Hudson

Messy goes to OKIDO is a comedy adventure, science-educational series following a curious, adventure seeking and unruly monster called Messy as he finds the answers to everything a young child wants to know.

Storytime - Sandwiches in Space | Messy goes to Okido

Today Becky reads a story all about Messy and Space! From our storybook, "Sandwiches in Space". Published by Thames & Hudson https:/...