Halloween Recipes & Treats for Kids to Make

Like all the best celebrations, Halloween and Bonfire night are a chance to feast on some delicious party food with friends and family. So, on these nights where it’s all about having fun with your family, why not get your children involved in baking these halloween recipes? Cooking together can be fun and it’s never […]

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hidden science behind electricity

Reveal the Science of Electricity for Kids!

In winter, when the days are getting shorter and darker, OKIDO explores the hidden science behind electricity.  We use electricity every day, it powers our machinery and during the festive season, electricity helps to illuminate our homes, streets and even our Christmas trees. Our December issue is bursting with stories, games, experiments and activities that will […]

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Home School Learning

Don’t Wait for School, Learn Through Play at Home!

Why not start a subscription to OKIDO magazine in September to last the whole academic year and help them learn through play at home!? Whether your child is transitioning to nursery, reception or infant school for the first time or just moving into a different school year, supporting and encouraging your child through this process […]

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Children learning about science

Fun Ways to get Kids Interested in STEAM Learning

STEAM subjects can really help to prepare children to be able to tackle environmental issues in their future. But sometimes, these lessons can fail to capture the imaginations of young people. For this month’s guest blog, Rachel Hall, Managing Director of online educational resource Busy Things, to give 3 ways to get children interested in STEAM learning. […]

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Stop The Slide! How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Don’t let small scientists slide back this summer! Yes, summer is a time for fun, but it can be a time for learning too. In fact, that’s the attitude you should have whilst parenting young children during the school holidays. Anything to stop the ‘summer slide’. Defined as a child’s loss of knowledge and academic […]

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Top Questions on Screen Time for Children

Ever since TV and computers first became a part of everyday life, the media has warned against the dangers of screen time – for young children especially. But just how worried should parents be? In the present climate, we’re surrounded by so much digital content that it’s simply another accepted aspect of our day-to-day routines. […]

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Rachel With Okido

Meet Rachel Ortas – creator of Messy Monster and OKIDO magazine for children

Meet Rachel Ortas – Rachel is one of the founders of OKIDO Studio and OKIDO Magazine and is the creator of Messy Monster and Messy goes to OKIDO.  As an artist, author, parent, environmentalist, singer, musician, teacher, chef and all-round adventurer, Rachel knows no limitations on living life to its fullest in the most caring, […]

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Early Years Steam

Preparing your child in early years through learn through play STEAM

According to Forbes, “our children now require an education to fulfil skills and jobs that do not even yet exist – as we prepare for a new 4th Industrial revolution it is imperative that our children have a holistic approach to knowledge, skills and life. It is therefore vital that we are educating children as soon as […]

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