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Skittlescope Experiment

Science For Kids: Make a Skittle Kaleidoscope

Make a Skittle Kaleidoscope Follow our step-by-step instructions to make some sweet art using all the colours of the rainbow! You will need: A plate A bowl A jug of water Some skittles 1. Arrange the Skittles around a bowl on your plate. 2. Carefully remove the bowl. 3. Pour some water into the circle […]

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Science For Kids: Making Science Fun for Children

From gravity to medicine, science has led to the discovery of – well, everything! OK, maybe not everything, but a whole lot more than we give it credit for. Science is based on curiosity; when children want to learn more about the world around them, it’s science that often holds the clues they need for […]

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5 Easy Science Activities To Do With Kids At Home

Think you need a lab to get your young scientist’s brain bubbling away? Think again. Everything you need in order to go on a science learning adventure can be found scattered around the house and stuffed into drawers. We believe that every child is a scientist and every home can be turned into a laboratory, […]

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Messy Monster washing his hands

Turn Children into Scientists with Indoor Activities

As concern about COVID-19 spreads, some of you will be staying in at home with your small scientists and looking for safe ways to keep their brilliant brains ticking over. We believe that every home can be turned into a scientific research centre, artist’s studio, space station and more. So while we wait for today’s […]

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hidden science behind electricity

Reveal the Science of Electricity for Kids!

In winter, when the days are getting shorter and darker, OKIDO explores the hidden science behind electricity.  We use electricity every day, it powers our machinery and during the festive season, electricity helps to illuminate our homes, streets and even our Christmas trees. Our December issue is bursting with stories, games, experiments and activities that will […]

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