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Cork Boat OKIDO Magazine

Craft Learn Through Play: Build a Cork Raft

Build A Floating Cork Boat Invent your own cork boats and have a race down a stream. Which boats are the most successful? To build your floating cork boat you will need: Corks Toothpicks Elastic Bands Coloured Paper 1. Insert toothpicks into corks to hold them in place 2. You can also attach corks using […]

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Fun Pancake Recipes for Children to Make!

Pancake Day – or Shrove Tuesday – is almost here, but there’s a lot more to it than you may think. In fact, the tradition has been carried out for hundreds of years; the British custom of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday dates back to the 16th century! What is Pancake Day & Why Do We […]

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OKIDO Rocket Activity

Science For Kids: Make a Straw Rocket

Make a Swooshing Straw Rocket Make some swooshing rockets and discover how things are propelled by air pressure. See how far you can make your rocket go! 1. Gather together all the things you will need: Sticky Tape Card Straw Pens 2. Roll a piece of paper into a tube. 3. Use the sticky tape […]

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Art Learn Through Play: Pendulum Painting | OKIDO

Make A Pendulum Painting This activity can get very messy, so make sure you have an old table cloth or some newspaper on the floor. If the weather is nice, do it outside – you’ll have more space to swing your pendulum, too! What you will need: Two chairs Broomstick String Paper Cups Old table […]

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Skittlescope Experiment

Science For Kids: Make a Skittle Kaleidoscope

Make a Skittle Kaleidoscope Follow our step-by-step instructions to make some sweet art using all the colours of the rainbow! You will need: A plate A bowl A jug of water Some skittles 1. Arrange the Skittles around a bowl on your plate. 2. Carefully remove the bowl. 3. Pour some water into the circle […]

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Craft Learn Through Play: Make a Paper Creepy Crawly

Paper Play: Make a Paper Creepy Crawly You will need: Card Straw String Pens Tape Scissors 1.Draw some big creepy-crawlies on your card and cut them out. 2.Cut two short pieces of straw and stick them onto you bugs back. 3.Thread about a metre of string through the two straws. Knot the ends. 4. Tape […]

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Vegan Recipes For Children

Vegan Recipes for Children to Eat and Make

Did you know that it’s Veganuary? During the month of January, families across the UK stave off meat and dairy products in order to limit their impact on the environment. Veganism is a way of living which doesn’t involve the consumption or use of any animal products, including those that have been tested on animals. […]

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OKIDO Plasticine Man

Craft Learn Through Play: Make Your Own Plasticine Characters

Make Your Own Plasticine Characters 1. In a large bowl mix all of the ingredients together to form a dough. 1 cup of Flour 1/4 cup of salt 1/4 cup of water Food colouring (different colours) 1 table spoon of oil 2. Make 2 more Plasticine balls so you have one blue, one yellow and […]

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