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Recycled Crafts: Sustainable Activities to Raise Eco-Conscious Kids

When it comes to young children, it’s important to teach them about the environment and being kind to our planet. And what better way to do this than through play? Raising an eco-conscious child isn’t always easy – but make no mistake: to recycle what you’re already recycling and get creative with it is a […]

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Green Parenting - Plastic Free Toys

Green Parenting: Plastic Free, Eco Friendly Kids’ Toys

Looking to cut down on plastic? Hard when small scientists want toys to play with. Fortunately, sparking a life-long love of art and science doesn’t require you to compromise your carbon footprint; in fact, there are lots of toys out there that limit environmental impact. OKIDO aims to inspire and encourage, allowing young children to […]

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Eco Friendly plastic free; The OKIDO Magazine is Full of Environmental Activities

OKIDO magazine has been teaching and encouraging our children to restore, care and respect our earth since 2007. Created by parents for parents, OKIDO magazine was initially designed as an antithesis against the sea of plastic-covered magazines and comics that were available for our children at the time. And nearly 15 years later those plastic covered publications are still […]

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